We enjoyed a spontaneous night out with friends last Saturday – aren’t they just the best?  We just went across the road to our local and had a catch up with lots of laughs.  Our friends Andy (one of Ian’s oldest school friends)  and his wife Helen, brought along some old photographs of them in their teens – they were hysterical!  The clothes and haircuts ha ha – George couldn’t believe his eyes and thought it was very funny.
I have met more lovely customers this week – one in particular pulled on my heart strings with the tales of her poor husband suffering with dementia.  Lots of our customers are either carers or are living with dementia themselves, and I found out on Wednesday that a new group has been formed in Emsworth at the Pastoral Centre – The Emsworth Dementia Choir which is absolutely fantastic news!  I have made contact with the Home Instead team to request leaflets and a poster for our window to create more awareness of this group.  I remember the one thing my mum certainly loved (much to my disgust at the time!) was to sing.  Her favourite was “All Things Bright and Beautiful” which she sang over and over.  We sang it at her funeral – naturally very moving every time I hear it!  I am thrilled that this group has been formed as I know first hand how uplifting music is for dementia sufferers and seeing their eyes light up, is so special.
 If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram, you will have already seen this lovely photograph I shared of one of our customers on her Caribbean Cruise, dressed in her Karen George top and skirt – I’d love for you to share your pictures with me!!!  Please send them over so we can all admire your Karen George outfits and shoes!!
In to July already, and I am sure you all have holidays/outings to look forward to.  Remember us for your summer wardrobe and holiday top ups – have a good week, look out for each other and be kind.
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