What a wonderful treat we had last weekend.  Ian and I travelled to York to meet our family from Scotland, which is just about half way.
It was a first visit for us, and we were very impressed.  What a lovely city York is.  Steeped in history, so pretty and so much to see and do.  We went on the open top bus tour, walked around the city walls, had some lovely meals out and drinks by the riverside.  It really was great – we stayed in a central location so once we parked up the car we just walked everywhere.  We were very fortunate with the weather which does help, but the journey home wasn’t so great.  Lots of roadworks and heavy downpours.
I enjoyed changing the window display this week with black and berry combinations, all new arrivals and Caprice footwear.
How do you like these boots?  They’ve been treated with the Caprice TEX water resistant protection.  They were only on display a day and I sold a pair, so be quick, I think they are going to be popular!  They also come in cognac.
I’ve started to take away summer footwear, to make space for new season.  However, I have noticed a number of ladies are now off on holidays and cruises etc, so if you are in need of summer footwear, just ask and I am happy to bring your sizes back in for you to try.
Have a great week, look out for each other and be kind.
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