Last week we switched our broadband supplier – why doesn’t anything go smoothly and straightforward?  Urrgghhh, it transpired that, despite having been told it would be ok, the router we had was NOT compatible and we had to wait 3 days for the new router to arrive, even though it was meant to arrive next day – so frustrating after almost 2 hours waiting on the phone for assistance – not a great start.
However, we seem to have it sorted now – I can see why some people just stick with their current suppliers just for an easy life.
It was a busy few days with many of the new dresses selling already.  I’ve rearranged the rails so that we now have all sale items in the centre of the shop, in size order again.  It’s all much clearer, with the new and current full price stock set out on the rails against the walls.
On Wednesday I’d had a full on day, and then at about 3 o’clock a large box of Pachamama hats and wrist warmers arrived, swiftly followed by three boxes of footwear from Caprice!  It was a bit mad for a while but I put them all into my car and they are now at home until we have another juggle around next week.
We’ve kept the windows to new season and the inside display to sale items. We will run the two alongside each other at the moment whilst one day is autumn and the next summer!!! Ha ha.  What a mixed bag of weather we are having.
We all love this black and white shirt from Marble, so much so that we all have one!!!  I’ll be wearing mine this weekend – who doesn’t love monochrome!
I’m off for a little treat but back in the shop on Tuesday….. enjoy the rest of the weekend, have a great week, look out for each other and be kind.
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