I don’t know what happened in Emsworth this week, but it was so quiet.  It wasn’t just us either, other shopkeepers were saying the same.  I think maybe it was just the last week of the month, because come Friday, (pay day), we were busy again!  At least I hope that is what it was!!!
Someone went into the back of my car a few weeks ago, so this week I have been using a courtesy car whilst mine was being repaired.  It was a great big lump of a car – much too big for me, but it has been quite useful for transferring stock back and forth!  We have taken away more sandals and summer trousers and restocked the shelves with autumn/winter.
It was such a relief to get the call to say my car was ready for collection on Friday.  I love my car and I missed it – ridiculous eh?  I was so pleased to get rid of the courtesy car and get back in to my own – it’s like brand new again and whatsmore they gave it a full valet!
A couple of new Robell winter trousers were delivered with more to follow, and we have two lengths of jeans and cords in stock 31″ or 29″, yet to be added onto the website, which I hope to get to this week.
Layering is definitely the way to dress at the moment, as we don’t know what the weather is doing from one day to the next.  Have you considered adding a tank top or short sleeved jumper to your wardrobe?  This one is available in ivory or black and looks great with a contrasting underlayer.
Have a great week, look out for each other and be kind.
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