It started wet, damp and miserable at the beginning of the week, so I made my mind up to change windows and inside displays whilst it was quiet – I was part way through and then UPS arrived with all of our Caprice summer footwear!!
Needless to say the shop was a complete mess with boxes everywhere.  I have now taken away a lot of the winter footwear, but left behind the remaining odd pairs of boots we have left (if you are a 4.5 it is worth calling in) still some genuine half price bargains of quality boots.
It is so refreshing to see sandals on display, which work so much better with the new clothing.  It makes dressing the windows much easier.
These new sandals (in the image below) will be perfect for summer events.  The colour is taupe metallic which should go with almost any outfit!  A good sturdy heel with the softest of leather across the toes with an adjustable ankle strap.  Check them out on our New Arrivals page or call in the shop to try.
We are now back to full strength with both Lyn and Annie working their usual days.  Lyn enjoyed her holiday and Annie’s knee is well on the mend.  The shop is looking well stocked with beautiful colours – as I keep saying, now we just need the good weather and customers!
Such sad news about the Princess of Wales – health is everything.  Life is so precious and fragile.  Take care of each other and be kind.
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Caprice sandal with heel 28316