I am pleased to say that this week continued to be as busy as last week and I am absolutely loving it!  Don’t get me wrong, taking the money is fantastic but more than that, it’s a real thrill when customers come in and love the stock. It’s only then that you know that you have chosen well.
I love chatting with my customers and hearing about their lives, sharing recommendations of places to visit, local events, places to eat and often offering a sympathetic ear.  I am genuinely happy to listen.
This week in particular, I met a lady who is a lifestyle and commercial model – currently on the TV advert for river cruises. What an interesting life.  She is gorgeous and looked stunning in everything she tried on!
A couple of new items were delivered – a lovely oatmeal sleeveless v neck jumper, as well as this fantastic Scandinavian waterproof coat from a company called Normann – it is lightweight with a removeable hood.  They are on the website now but we only have limited stock – so be quick!
It was lovely to have Annie back on Thursday and Lyn returned from her holiday week, so the team is back to full strength again.
George enjoyed his first week working full time – every evening, our meal times consist of Ian and George discussing cars, tools and jobs he worked on that day!!  I can’t get a word in edgeways!
So we have a new Chancellor – do you think we’ll soon have another new PM too? I think the damage has already been done for Liz Truss and changing the Chancellor may not save her position…… it doesn’t fill you with confidence does it?  I wonder what will happen next?
Still, onwards and upwards, I am looking foward to hopefully, another busy week ahead.  Look out for each other and be kind.  Sending you lots of love, good health and best wishes.
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Normann Waterproof Raincoat 7922