Well good morning to you all (or afternoon/evening whatever the case may be!).  As I think we all predicted, this week saw Liz Truss on her way.  Whoever will be next to take on the poisoned chalice?  It is all so unsettling.  Surely, this considerable lack of confidence must be their last chance before a General Election would have to be called.  I just wish the situation would stabilise so we can work towards getting this country back on it’s feet.  More turbulant times ahead folks, but hang in there.  We know how the media love to send us all into sheer panic.
I have been waiting for one style of Caprice boots to arrive, and finally, the last ones of the winter order arrived on Wednesday!  Here they are – they are vegan and the colour is cafe which makes a really nice change.  Sensible heel and they look great with dresses or over jeans.
Mudd & Water, and SUNDAY sent me their product images, which meant that I was able to add most of their collection onto the website.  However, they didn’t photograph every colour, so I have had to take some images myself, but I think they will suffice.
Friday was my birthday, so I met a friend for lunch and a long overdue catch up.  Then we had a takeaway for our tea so I didn’t have to cook!  Next week Ian and I are on holiday which was already booked to coincide with half term.  However, now that George is employed we no longer need to take our time off during the school holidays.  Very sensibly, having only just started his new job, George decided it was too soon to book time off, so Ian and I are holidaying alone for the first time since George was born!  Nothing planned, just day trips but I do have some birthday money to spend!
I hope it will be a busy week for the girls at the shop whilst I am away.  Look out for each other and be kind.  Sending you lots of love, good health and best wishes.
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