The weather this week has been really miserable!  Consequently the shop has been quiet too – boo!  Go away horrible weather and come back lovely customers.  Well, at least Monday and Tuesday were quiet but Wednesday and Thursday were good days.  Lyn had a very quiet Friday and Saturday – not helped by a nasty accident on the M27 causing terrible traffic issues on Saturday, so I think everyone avoided the area like the plague.
The shop is looking really great at the moment too – this extra time gave us time to sort out our storage, change the displays and reorganise our stock.
The clocks changed last weekend – isn’t it amazing how quickly we adapt?  Lighter mornings for Ian getting up for work but darker longer evenings ahead.  I always feel for those on their own during the winter months – remember to pick up the phone to check in on those alone, it’ll mean so much to them to hear a friendly voice, even for just five minutes.
I met with one of my old work colleagues for lunch this week – it is always great to catch up, and then, on Saturday morning I bumped into another old work colleague who I haven’t seen in absolutely ages!  It was so nice to see that friendly face again.
That was about the highlight of my week, apart from watching Strictly of course!
With this wet weather, perhaps these lovely showerproof Caprice boots may be of interest?  Of course they are super comfortable and very on-trend.
Here’s hoping for a better week ahead, look out for each other and be kind.  Sending you lots of love, good health and best wishes.
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Caprice 26214 Tex black combination lace and zip boot