Yes, that’s it!  I’ve taken away all of the summer sale and all of the high summer items, so the shop is now fully loaded with Autumn/Winter stock.  Our storage is full and overflowing!
Our navy and white window worked a treat last week and we sold quite a few items which were on display.  It really makes a difference to see the clothing on mannequins as so often they simply don’t have “hanger appeal”, and these Caprice brogues have definitely turned heads.
I’m off next week as we have family arriving from Scotland this morning, so I’ll be interested to see what scheme the girls select for the windows.  There is certainly plenty to choose from.  It’s not so easy with footwear because anything suede fades in the sunlight so we really have to stick with all leather.
Like everyone, it’s been a long time since we last saw our family and so I’m really looking forward to catching up and spending time with them – we have a few plans but I fear the weather will dictate, and it’s not looking too promising.
We visited Southdowns College open evening on Tuesday, with George, as they run a similar course in mechanical engineering as Cemast. Of course Cemast suits him better as it includes motorsports and he can cycle there, but it is sensible to have a back up plan.
Until next week, sending you lots of love, good health and best wishes.
Look out for each other and be kind.
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