A short week for me, just Tuesday and Wednesday.  Tuesday was reasonably quiet so it was a complete window change and inside displays updated – very unusual to get these all done in one day.  The afternoon did pick up, but Wednesday was a different day altogether!
There were so many familiar visitors, I spent a lot of my time catching up with everyone, as well as selling!  One lovely lady, who works away and can only come in every four or five months, greeted me with a huge hug and had a really good shopping spree.  She left with two full bags of clothes and shoes.  Another couple who call in on their “Wednesday walk” had returned from a fabulous holiday to Japan which they thoroughly enjoyed, despite a little mishap where the lady took a fall on her first day and spent the rest of the trip with two black eyes, poor soul.  More and more regulars kept coming in all on the same day – it’s great to catch up and see you all.
The weather has been our friend this week too – just loving this sunshine and warmth, unfortunately so are the weeds!  So I have spent some time in our garden tidying.  It feels really good to get working on the garden again in this gorgeous weather.  The patio has been power washed and we are working our way around the garden setting small but achievable challenges which really works.  Usually I try to do too much and feel disappointed when I don’t get everything done.
It is at last T-shirt weather – this one in particular has so many colours to match with your Robell trousers!
Until next week, take care of each other and be kind.
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