I wasn’t at the shop this week – it was a bit of a working holiday.  On Monday evening Lyn, Annie and I went to see the Adini Autumn Winter 2023 collection, Tuesday I dragged Ian along to see Caprice, and on Wednesday, Ian and I travelled up to Manchester to see LV for the summer order.  I usually see LV at the London exhibition, but this year they decided to invite us to their showroom where they had the complete range.  My eyes must have been like saucers – there was so much to see!  I really enjoyed it, but it was a long way to go in a day which is why it was good to have Ian with me to share the driving.
  I was also able to source some new handbags which I’ve been looking out for – we are now stocking sling bags, camera bags and the usual small cross body leather handbags.  Two styles have interchangeable straps which I am sure you will have seen around – it’s a great idea so that you can switch up your handbag with a different strap colour for a different look.  We are selling the straps separately so they are not an essential purchase with the handbag, but maybe something to add at a later date.  Here is an image of one of the sling bags which I find so comfortable to wear – across the body and it just sits on your hip. It’s amazing how much you can fit in them too!  They are also, now available from the website.
Other than shop errands, we managed to get Ian’s motorbike serviced, and spent some time at home cleaning cars, ironing etc!  Such fun!  It’s been nice though, just doing things at our own pace and relaxing.
Lyn and Annie had things all under control at the shop and we’ve seen more movement on our footwear sales, which I was pleased to see.  It’ll only be a couple of weeks now and the new season will be descending upon us which is very exciting.  It will be that crazy time again, trying to make room for it all.
I’m looking forward to being back next week and getting those new handbags out on display.  Have a good week – look out for each other and be kind.  Sending you lots of love, good health and best wishes.
Our website is available for online orders, click and collect and delivery.

Italian leather Sling bag VP105-Silver.