I really struggle to come up with an appropriate heading for my email each week, so I’ve decided to title them with the date instead!
I had a very busy Monday, a very quiet Tuesday and a remarkably busy Wednesday.  However, Wednesday didn’t get off to a great start – there was an incident on the M27 between junctions 10 and 11 (Fareham – Portsmouth) and the whole area was completely gridlocked.  Fortunately, Lyn was available and dashed to the shop to open up for me until I was able to get there.  When I did eventually arrive we had lots of customers and so Lyn ended up working half day with me!  It was very useful because we managed to get the windows changed too.
The rest of the week was pretty quiet thanks to the weather, a few of you ventured out for a bargain, however, we did see an increase in online sales, sending parcels to Wales, Scotland, Kent and Emsworth!
I now have images ready for Caprice, Marble and Adini all set to go live as soon as the stock arrives – my goodness it is time consuming, – we are so ready for the new season arrivals.  It’s been a lovely reminder of what we have ordered and the beautiful colours.  For instance, look at this gorgeous pink and green combination!
Today I am at an exhibition in Olympia, London, hopefully sourcing some different accessories for the shop.  I’ll let you know how I get on in next weeks email.
Have a good week – look out for each other and be kind.  Sending you lots of love, good health and best wishes.
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