Another wonderful week!  We just love being busy and would like to thank any of you who have been kept waiting to be served – it doesn’t usually take long, but sometimes there is a bit of a queue for the fitting room.
What I really love, is when a customer comes in, who you don’t think will buy and is literally just browsing.  Then you get talking, and the lady I am thinking of in particular, said she doesn’t really shop often but she had a wedding to go to – we ended up finding a dress in the sale, but then she saw so many other things that she loved, she ended up leaving with three tops, a dress, a poncho and scarf, AND I had to cut out the labels so that she could leave the shop wearing her new trousers and top!!  It was so much fun and she really looked good – and obviously felt it too!
We have spells of being very quiet and then a rush all at once.  I struggled to get the windows finished on Tuesday as there was a steady stream of customers, but the afternoon settled down so I managed to get it finished.
Our handbags and straps arrived on Monday and it’s lovely having all of the colours back in stock – having said that they are already selling!  Really superb value for money for a leather handbag £39.  Here’s the fabulous lime green which looks great with a royal blue strap.
I’m off next week and plan to make the most of the beautiful weather, have a great week folks, look out for each other and be kind.
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