It seems as though this week has been one of the toughest for many – the novelty of lockdown has really worn off now.  Particularly for families with school age children struggling with home learning, and of course those on their own.  But this is the price we pay for safety and it is important to remind ourselves why we are doing this.

I went across to the shop to change the windows again and it was lovely to see a few customers collecting their orders (at a safe distance you understand!) and saying how they appreciate that the windows are refreshed each week.  I am desperately awaiting the new season stock to play with now though, as I’m struggling to decide what to display.

I also dealt with a telephone order from a lovely lady who expressed how she enjoyed reading my weekly email and looked forward to receiving it!  I said I’d give her a mention – you know who you are.  It’s good to know that my efforts don’t go to waste and if just one person is getting pleasure from them, then it is worth doing.  All this positive feedback and fabulous Google reviews are so uplifting for me, so keep them coming please!

I spent three whole days without setting a foot outside, dealing with paperwork, renewing insurances, booking food orders, housework and of course keeping a close eye on social media and website orders etc – it’s surprising how long these things take, and then the weather was miserable so I just stayed in.

Friday morning was a sombre affair, as I joined some of my cousins and stood by the roadside to pay respect to our uncle, as the funeral procession left his home.  Only 20 people could attend the actual ceremony so it was the only way we could show our support.  It left me feeling reflective, thinking about my family, my childhood, holidays and family gatherings.

On Friday afternoon I really enjoyed a walk with George along the beach and stopping by to see his grandparents – they just like a glimpse of him every few days to keep them going!

I appreciate it is difficult to feel positive all of the time, but we should keep in mind that brighter days lay ahead.  When things do return to normal I will miss my time at home, lazy days, not worrying about making myself presentable every day, not washing my hair, not putting on make-up, not rushing around to be on time, not having to make sandwiches, sorting meals, not having to drive on busy roads, enjoying reading, watching tv, baking, watching the birds and wildlife in our garden, walks down the beach, bike rides – now I realise that these are all the positive things about lockdown and hey, is it only me that isn’t finding it too bad afterall?  Most importantly, I feel safe.

Let’s hope the weather will be kinder to us next week – a bit of sunshine is so therapeutic.  I have seen little shoots of Spring on my walks so I thought some flowers would be appropriate for this weeks post.

The team at Karen George are still here for you – click and collect or delivery.

Our sale continues with 25% off everything online and in store at least until the new season stock arrives, so it may just be for another week or so.

Look out for each other.

Be kind, stay safe and stay home.

As always, sending you lots of love, good health and best wishes.