I really wish I could change the record!!

The trouble is, we can’t get away from it can we? – if you turn on the TV, the radio, social media, people you talk with – it’s all consuming isn’t it?

The subject of the moment, covid, covid, covid! It’s the one topic we ALL have in common, each of our lives affected.

My parents-in-law will be receiving their vaccines on Friday and I am thankful for that – we all just have to sit tight and await our call up until it’s our turn – patience is a virtue, they are working as quick as they can.

Further grants are being issued to small businesses which is fantastic news, and I hope this will enable those on the brink to survive as we can’t sustain this much longer. I do worry about the bigger picture – how is this country going to fund this crisis? However, if this disease has taught us one thing, it is to live for the day and worrying about the future is simply wasted energy.

Instead we should focus on happier times ahead – all those holidays, parties, celebrations and the simple things which freedom brings, meeting friends for coffee and lunches out.

So, it is business as usual for Karen George – I’m still planning ahead, placing orders for next season and awaiting deliveries of the current Spring/Summer stock, which are due to arrive at the beginning of February. All change though, I’ve had to arrange for the deliveries to come to my home! Yikes! I’m really looking forward to opening those boxes and getting the items logged onto the website a quickly as possible for you to see.

The image below is just one of the anticipated new arrivals to tempt you!


The team at Karen George are still here for you – click and collect or delivery.

Our sale continues with 25% off everything online and in store.

Look out for each other.

Be kind, stay safe and stay home.

As always, sending you lots of love, good health and best wishes.