Well, that’ll teach me won’t it? Last week I said how I wasn’t finding lockdown too bad!!!! Sunday evening my NHS App alerted me that I had to isolate for 9 days! Fortunately, I don’t have any symptoms at all, but I just had to stay home and not even go out for my daily constitutional walk!!

It’s not been so bad, I’ve just continued doing all the things I talked about, minus the walking. But roll on Tuesday when I’ll be free again!

By the sounds of it, it was just as well – my husband is still working of course, and he came home today (Saturday) saying that it is mobbed out there with people – and they weren’t all keeping their distance or wearing masks!!! What is up with people?! We have a long way to go yet. It’s infuriating. I realise it was because it was such a gorgeous day – I heard the fog horns in the morning and my husband de-icing his car so I knew it was a cold one from my bed! But then when the sun broke through it was lovely…..from my window anyway!

I’ve been busy uploading images and details of the anticipated new season arrivals onto the website, ready to make them live as soon as they arrive. I’m told they will be delivered from 16th so I’m really looking forward to their arrival.

Lyn is going in to change the shop window this week – and to check on our leak!! The flat above have sprung a leak which is dripping onto our ceiling tiles but they are struggling to locate the source. As you might imagine this is a concern but fortunately it is not near any stock – but it is near a light fitting – so it is a blessing that the shop is closed at the moment.

By the time you read this, we may be covered in a blanket of snow! That is difficult to imagine after the day we have had today. Here’s a picture of my view. I’ll be restricted to my garden if it does snow here, but I’d be surprised, I think we may just miss it. So wherever you are, enjoy the snow, play safely and lets hope it dries up quickly so that the roads and pavements are clear.

The team at Karen George are still here for you – click and collect or delivery.

Our sale continues with 25% off everything online and in store at least until the new season stock arrives, so it may just be for another week or so.

Look out for each other.

Be kind, stay safe and stay home.

As always, sending you lots of love, good health and best wishes.