Thank heavens we will be re-opening the shop again on Wednesday and we cannot wait!  At least it wasn’t for such a long spell this time but the timing has been pretty awful for retail.

We are dressing the shop for Christmas this weekend so that we will be all ready and raring to go.  Whilst we should all be very careful, at least we have a reason to dress up and feel good, so a new top, jumper or pair of boots would be the perfect gift don’t you think?  Or perhaps a voucher?

Ha ha, I can but try!

I have added a few more pairs of the Robell trousers onto the website but there are still plenty more to add, as well as a few more dandelion jumpers, star jumpers and soft casual trousers which are arriving on Monday.

This lovely faux suede jacket is one of our new additions which also comes in black just £30!!

So hopefully we’ll see you all this week, otherwise keep your eye on the online updates for new arrivals.

Stay safe, sending you lots of love, good health and best wishes.