Well hello there!  My Sunday emails seem to be getting later and later – with good reason for that too!  I blame my husband – I used to get up and have Sunday mornings all to myself whilst he went off golfing, but of course the golf clubs are closed at the moment!  Urrgghhh – my peace is shattered!  Ha ha, that’s not really fair, I could get myself better organised, and I do enjoy having him around – I always have jobs lined up for him!

This morning we decided to get up, have breakfast and go for a walk along to Lee on Solent.  It was a lovely mild morning and the water was so still.  Lots and lots of people out walking, cycling and jogging.  We picked up a coffee along the way and decided to walk around the HMS Daedalus airfield and new housing estate.  It was a bit of an elongated detour – we must have walked 4 miles in the end, making time to stop off and check up on the in-laws too!

You may have seen that we have eventually had the exterior of the shop painted – it was a bit of a rush job but at least it looks refreshed.  So I changed the window displays and prepared a couple of click and collect orders – literally whilst waiting for the paint to dry!

I don’t really know where my time is going – are you finding that too?  I am at least on top of my ironing, and I have almost been through the whole house thoroughly cleaning – just the kitchen to go.  Then, weather permitting, I’d like to tackle the garden.  I think the trick is to only set small achievable daily goals, then you won’t be disappointed.

I also really need to focus on updating the website – I have a number of items to upload – it does take a long time to photograph, add the descriptions and sizes.  It is really difficult to get the correct lighting for the photographs etc but I’ll do my best!

Fingers crossed it will only be a couple of weeks to go before we can reopen the shop.  In the meantime, please keep shopping with us independents, we really need your business – remember our website is active for online orders.  There is now a click and collect option or free delivery on orders over £50.

Stay safe, sending you lots of love, good health and best wishes.