A quiet start to the week – in fact, the whole of Emsworth seemed quiet, but the weekend was much busier.  The brighter weather makes all the difference.
What I love most about working in the shop, are the people that I meet.  I build a relationship with many of the locals and regulars, and also enjoy meeting new customers.  This week has been no exception.  One very sweet lady visited on the off chance she might find an outfit for her husband’s funeral.  We talked and talked and whilst it was very sad, it was lovely to spend time with her.  They had been married for 60 years and had shared such a wonderful life together and she was only too pleased to tell me all about him.  It was fascinating.  I was also delighted that she found the perfect outfit – she wanted some subtle colour, rather than black, and she looked fabulous.  It felt so good being able to help someone going through an extremely difficult time.  Kindess costs nothing.
Another regular customer visited with her sister-in-law for a quick browse and to let me know that her husband had also passed away.  He had been struggling for a long time so whilst it is very sad, it was also a blessing.  We had regular conversations and I always asked how he was doing.  It does remind you how precious life is.
I also had a phone call from a very happy customer who discovered us last year, whilst visiting Emsworth.  She lives in Oxford and loves our shop – she had been browsing our website and I was only too pleased to take her order and send some new sandals on their way!  She said she was looking forward to her next visit to Emsworth.
Oooh I’m just listening to Pop Master and a lady from Emsworth has come on!  Unfortunately she was not a winner – well, only a “One Year Out” t-shirt.
I’ve had some lovely comments from customers appreciating the windows this week – green and white with a multi coloured dress thrown in – hoping to tempt the sunshine back.
At home I’ve managed to plant some peppers, blueberries and strawberries.  So exciting for an inexperienced gardener!  I’m hoping to get more things planted this weekend as the forecast looks perfect.
I’ve added more items from the Mudd & Water collection onto the website and since they have been in the window this week, they have been very popular!  Here is one of the pretty Calla tops in pink.
Have a good week.  Look out for each other and be kind.
Sending you lots of love, good health and best wishes.
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Mudd & Water Calla Top Leaf Print Aster Pink