I met the most lovely new mum this week – a difficult time for her as she is about to return to work, but is still carrying some extra weight from her pregnancy.  We had a great time – I was able to entertain her gorgeous baby boy whilst she tried on lots of clothes and sandals!  Her baby was so well behaved and had the biggest eyes and gorgeous smiles for me!  (probably for everyone but I like to think they were just for me!)
Robell trousers were an ideal choice with the elasticated waistband and stretch fabric, they are comfortable and also smart enough for the office.
I also had another group of ladies who reguarly meet up in Emsworth, called in “just for a browse”.  Two of them were celebrating birthdays and ended up leaving with a dress for a wedding which looked fabulous, and a few useful irrisistible tops to wear as little jackets as a birthday present to herself!
As the beginning of the week was busy, I welcomed help from Lyn on Tuesday, to make a hasty window change.  Navy and pink is always a winning colour combination and it all came together really well.  I was pleased with the outcome.
I hope the good weather continues and we keep being busy.  Lyn is back to working her two days Friday and Saturday.  It’s great to have her back and she seems to be pleased to be back – and busy!
I can’t believe it, but George turns 16 on Tuesday.  Right in the middle of his GCSE exams, so he had a few pals round for a gathering last night – a bit noisy and excitable – I just hope the neighbours don’t complain!
No sign of my seedlings yet – I keep checking.   I have since made up my hanging baskets and planted some bedding plants.  The grass always seems to need cutting and there is always weeding to do, but I am enjoying every minute of it.  Oh yes, and I’ve added some new fairy lights around the tree which looks magical.  I’ve tried to capture it for you in this image.
Have a good week.  Look out for each other and be kind.  Sending you lots of love, good health and best wishes.
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