It is very difficult to keep your spirits up when it’s cold and wet.  All we want to do is snuggle up indoors and keep warm.  I think that is what many of you have been doing and only coming out when it is absolutely necessary.  We have certainly noticed how quiet Emsworth has been this week.
I have taken lots of leather knee length boots across to the shop, but sizes are limited so hopefully Cinderella will be lucky!  We’ve labelled them up so it is easy to see if your size is available.
I had a lovely Google review after an online sale this week – now that does lift my spirits!  It’s really important to hear the feedback – it’s the only way we know if we are getting it right and it really helps others grow their trust in us.  If you ever have five minutes to leave a review it would be much appreciated – just head over to Google to find us.
This is the dress which sold and I think it has such a lovely neckline.  A perfect velvet dress for special occasions and a bit warmer than lots of fabrics.  The shaping is really elegant too.  It is only available in this gorgeous sapphire blue colour – oh and I almost forgot to mention, it has pockets!
Have you been thinking ahead to your Christmas events and what you might wear?  We have some wide leg velvet trousers in black or sapphire and of course the fabulous matching Beka velvet coats – they’d look great with a bit of sparkle underneath.
I’m continuing with my Social Media and Marketing Course – I’m going to miss it when it’s over – it really is an education – who knew there was so much to it?
Now here’s something not to miss…. next Friday is Black Friday, so watch out for another email from me which you might just find of interest…….. Keep a look out!
Until next week, look out for each other and be kind.
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