Is it too early to put the tree up?
I have to fit this job in whenever it is convenient, and I think that may be today.  I have to get into the loft to bring down all of the shop decorations anyway, so I thought I might as well seize the opportunity.  That doesn’t necessarily mean that I’ll still have the enthusiasm to put the decorations up, but at least they will be down ready for when I feel inspired!
Lots of the other shops in Emsworth have already dressed their windows for Christmas so I think it is time!
Whilst I’m in the loft I will also be bringing down the electric fire for the shop – we only have an old fashioned night storeage heater which ticks over nicely but not enough to heat the whole shop when it gets really cold.  Don’t be surprised if you visit and find us wearing the headbands and handwarmers!!
I was only joking of course, although what is a useful extra layer to keep warm, is a poncho. We have a few different plain coloured acrylic ponchos at £45 which would make an ideal Christmas gift.  We also have the exquisite hand made ponchos, which are lighter weight and delicate, made from a mix of wool and mohair.  These are patterned with more decorative finishing for wearing on special occasions.  We have a selection of different colours, and they retail at £85.  We are hoping to add these to the website very soon.
On the subject of Christmas gifts, as well as the obvious clothing and footwear, we also have novelty socks, hats, headbands and handwarmers, silk scarves and belts – these are always useful items as stocking fillers or just a little “minder” at Christmas time.
I hope that has given you a few useful ideas – we repeat ordered the ever popular sheep design again this year.  I think you can see why – the image is very cute.
Keep warm, and until next week, look out for each other and be kind.
Our website is available for online orders, click and collect and delivery.

Pachamama Flock of Sheep Handwarmers