We had a fab time at the Coalie Fest on Sunday – the sun was shining, the music was great, everyone was in high spirits and it was all in aid of St Wilfred’s Hospice!  Well done to those who organised this fabulous event.  I think there must have been a few sore heads over the weekend!!
Ian and I have been at home this week whilst Lyn and Annie looked after the shop. We had some days at home and then on Thursday travelled up to London for the night, and went to see Liam Gallagher at the O2 – this was the final celebration of George’s 18th Birthday.  We spent a small fortune, (as you do in London) and headed home on Friday.
The rest of our weekend was pretty relaxed – we live so close to HMS Daedalus that we were able to see lots of aircraft and activities for the D Day Celebrations.  We have really enjoyed watching the TV coverage too – it’s been so moving.
Our Robell summer trousers are coming in to their own with the warmer weather and we have a good range of colours and styles to choose from.   These seersucker cropped trousers are super lightweight and perfect for holidays as they wash and dry so quickly with little need for ironing!  Available in royal, emerald and beige.
Call in or have browse on the website to top up your summer wardrobe.
Until next week, take care of each other and be kind.
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