Good morning and Happy Easter everyone!  Hasn’t it been a beautiful few days?  So lovely during the school holidays to have some decent weather and get the children out and about.
Last Sunday we had a fabulous day at the Goodwood Member’s Meeting – there was so much to see and the attention to detail with their displays and entertainment was supurb.  It was dry and sunny but still quite fresh, particularly later in the afternoon – but they think of everything, because there were little fire pits dotted around – George and I took full advantage!
I worked on Monday and Tuesday – changing the windows and interior displays.  Lyn telephoned after her appointment at the fracture clinic on Tuesday, and the surgeon was very pleased with her progress.  He has basically told her she can start living normally and driving again when she is ready.  This is fantastic news – she may find things just take her a little longer until she gets more confident and regains her strength.
A new garden centre opened near us last week, so on Wednesday, Ian and I went for a browse.  We ended up buying a bird feeding stand.  We get lots of little birds in our garden and enjoy watching them feed but Mr Pigeon keeps bullying them out of the way!  He’s too big to sit on this new stand which gives the little ones a chance – he now sits underneath and mops up all of the spillages.  It’s been really enjoyable in the garden with this lovely weather, just relaxing with a cuppa and watching the birds – am I getting old?!!
Inspired by our trip to Goodwood and the beautiful scenery, the three of us took a ride out to the South Downs – treated ourselves to a delicious lunch at the Lord March pub and walked up The Trundle – the day was clear and so the views are spectacular.
Good Friday was just a gorgeous day and we spent it at home, in the garden hedge trimming, mowing the lawn and clearing leaves – having worked hard we rewarded ourselves with a G&T watching the birds!! He he.
Just as Annie was leaving the shop on Thursday, a Caprice delivery arrived – with these super comfortable leather sandals with a velcro strap. This is the new “Climotion” technology, including extra stability and softness, innovative cushioning, climate regulation and memory effect.  For £60, these Caprice sandals offer excellent quality and comfort, at a great price.
I hope you all enjoy your Easter weekend, I’ll be back in the shop from Tuesday – have a good week.
Look out for each other and be kind.
Sending you lots of love, good health and best wishes.
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Caprice 9-28601-28 strappy sandal