It’s been so good to be back at the shop – and despite the weather on Monday being dreary, I was still busy with customers.
Then on Tuesday it went a little crazy.  Annie very kindly collected Lyn and brought her along to the shop so that all three of us could view the Mudd and Water winter collection.  I’d had a busy morning but when the Rep arrived, it seemed to bring even more people in!  I think you like the chaos don’t you?!  It was good fun – I was trying on, Lyn was taking pictures and Annie ended up serving customers whilst all surrounded by the rails of stock and stuff everywhere!
Needless to say, we placed an order – some corduroy pieces, a nice blouse and dress and a sweatshirt with a cowl neck and fluted hemline with pockets!
Oh yes and would you believe it?  First thing Tuesday morning I noticed we’d sprung another leak!  A new tenant in the flat above had been cleaning, and the water found its way past some old sealant – so we have some new water marks on our ceiling tiles. Thankfully they are drying out and now the plumber has re-sealed the gap – so far it seems to have solved the problem.
I changed the windows on Wednesday and even managed a bit of a change around inside.  So it’s been all go!  I have felt quite tired in the evenings but I think that is normal after Covid.  It’s so good to be back though.
Today I am at the Goodwood Member’s Meeting with Ian, George and our cousin Ross.  He is a Member and arranged tickets for us to go with him. So I’m really looking forward to a day out and the weather looks good, if a little cold, but I will wear layers and wrap up in my Marble coat!
It’s been a sporting weekend in our household. Mostly The Masters – golf with a sprinkling of football and formula 1, then of course motor racing at Goodwood today!
Lyn has an appointment at the fracture clinic on Tuesday so we’ll have a better idea of how she’s getting on – I’m sure they’ll be pleased with her progress – she was walking around quite the thing on Tuesday, sometimes without her stick!  Although she does get tired, so she’ll be working on her stamina I’m sure, and will soon build that back up.
Look out for each other and be kind.  I’ll leave you with an image of the Adini eyecatching inkline print “Lyra” dress – it has short sleeves, a high neck and pockets.  Made in soft cotton rib jersey and is available on the website now at £52.  Have good week.
Sending you lots of love, good health and best wishes.
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Adini Lyra Dress Inklines Print 214998IC-blue 1902
Adini Lyra Dress Inklines Print 214998IC-blue 1902