Yes, the Arts Trail started yesterday and will continue next weekend, including Bank Holiday Monday.  We are all hoping that the weather is kind.
We had a really lazy Easter Monday, sitting in the garden looking at all the jobs that need doing but failed to do any!  In fact, we went for a little drive in the car before returning to sit back in the garden again!!  At least we were getting plenty of fresh air!
Tuesday and Wednesday passed really quickly at the shop. Busy with customers, window and inside display change, and a surprise visit from Lyn!  She is back driving again and seems really well, and enjoying having her independence back.  She is planning to come in for half a day next week to see how she copes, with a view to coming back the following week, maybe for one day – we’ll just have to see how she manages.
On Thursday, I delivered more tissue wrapping paper to Annie at the shop, as I had almost used the last of it – and I took the opportunity to walk around the pond and grab a bite to eat in Driftwood with my son and his girlfriend.  We also called in to PO10 for a browse.  It was really pleasant and made a change for me to actually have a look around Emsworth, whilst not working.
Just one delivery this week – some Robell seersucker trousers – fine striped denim and white in 7/8th length.  Perfect summer trousers – here’s a close up of the print.
Ian took his day off on Friday, which was good because we had a Smart Meter fitted at home and he needed to move his motorbike out of the way for the engineer to gain access.  My goodness, I hope the novelty wears off soon – everytime I use the electric Ian is monitoring how much it is costing!
In the evening we joined his parents for a meal at our local, as it is end the of the school holidays (although Monday is another inset day!).  They wanted to spend time with George and food is the perfect incentive to get him anywhere!  At least I didn’t need to use the dishwasher and be monitored by the Power Monitor!! Imagine what his reaction will be like when I use the tumble dryer!  Ha ha, I make him sound awful don’t I?  He’s not really, he’s just amazed at how much energy is used each time we boil a kettle etc.
I’ll be back in the shop from Tuesday – do have a good week.
Look out for each other and be kind.
Sending you lots of love, good health and best wishes.
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