So it was worth taking your advice ladies!

The new PJs and nighties have been received well and selling already.  In fact, I am already considering topping up on my order of socks and they’ve only been here a week!  It’s a good sign as we start gaining speed towards Christmas.  As I said before, if you have any other suggestions please let me know and I will see if I can source them.

I spent time re-arranging the shop this week.  I’ve removed the mobile rail from the middle of the shop and condensed down to one dedicated rail at 50% off all summer stock, with a separate new season rail.  It feels so spacious!  Hopefully it’s created a clearer more pleasant shopping experience for you, and our fitting room remains OPEN!

Friday was a traffic nightmare for Emsworth – did you see the size of that overturned lorry on the A27 with all those Amazon parcels?  How on earth did that happen?  That, together with the closure of North Street as they carry out work on the railway bridge, caused total traffic chaos.  It is all flowing nicely again now and hopefully North Street will re-open on Wednesday.

We switched our windows to a lovely pink and grey combination this week which I trust you will agree looks very appealing.

We now have a greater selection of boots and a few end of line sale shoes which have been selling well.