This week we have been trying to make space at the shop for new arrivals, and trust me, it’s not as easy as it sounds!

The deliveries come along thick and fast at this time of year and so the shop is always a bit chaotic until we get ourselves organised.

It’s like a game of pairs trying to remember where to find the stock but it’s good fun and we always get there in the end.

So it’s time to switch across to Autumn/Winter.  On Monday I think I was wearing a t-shirt and by Wednesday I was in a jumper.   I actually tested that the heating was working at home on Friday – it was cold sitting doing my paperwork and I confirm that my heating is working fine.  It was absolutely lovely feeling all warm and cosy – naughty but nice!

Time to get out the opaque tights, dresses and boots, trousers and jumpers and leave the shorts and t-shirts until next year.  My pick this week is this fabulous transitional shirt dress from Adini – I love the print, it has ¾ length sleeves and pockets – our price £67

Adini Hilary maze print shirt dress
Adini Hilary maze print shirt dress