I’m back!!  Zante was wonderful but very very hot!  We spent most of our time in the water, and no sooner as you were out and dried off, you had to get back in to the sea.  The water was like a tepid bath and the wind like a hairdryer!
We really did relax as it was too hot to do much else, but one day we hired a boat and were very excited as we got to see three turtles! In the mornings we would walk along the bay with our feet in the water, and generally eat and drink all day!  Consequently, we have found it tough to get going again since we’ve been home.
What a carry on we had on our journey home.  The plane was delayed by half an hour which wasn’t such a big deal, but once we were all loaded and set to go we were pushed back ready to taxi on the runway, when the Captain announced that we were going back on to the stand because a light had come on their system which meant they needed an engineer to investigate, and clear before we could take off – not the best news for a nervous flyer like myself!  Eventually, another 20 minutes later the engineer arrived, cleared the fault and we were set to go again.  So we were happily taxiing along, at last ready to go, when the Captain made a further announcement – one which he said he himself had never heard of before, and couldn’t quite believe he was saying it, but we were to wait for the runway to be cleared of FROGS!!!  Can you believe it?  I’ve heard it all now – not leaves on the line but frogs on the runway!!
So we had a very long journey home and eventually crawled into our beds at 2.15 am  – I did feel like a zombie on Monday but I was glad to be back in my own bed and to have a cup of tea in the morning.
The weather here has been so much better, which of course, has made the shop busier.  That is always a relief for me.  I never have any doubt that Lyn and Annie have things under control, but they can’t control the weather and how busy we are!
I can see that we have been selling lots of sandals and cropped trousers – especially the seersucker which are so lightweight and cool in this heat.
When it’s cooler, but you still want to feel summery, this jumper is the perfect solution, with a pair of white trousers and some pretty sandals, you are good to go!
Have a great week ahead, take care of each other and be kind.
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Marble 6558 striped sweater