I’m not going to mention the weather this week – we are in November afterall!
What a fantastic brand Marble are.  If you shop with us, you will be very familiar with this brand.  The design team and warehouse is based in Glasgow, but like all of the others, their products are made worldwide to a very high standard.  However, we have had one very rare hiccup this season, which may well, be to your benefit!!!!  The gorgeous jackets with detachable sleeves and hood (converting to a gilet), had a sizing issue and zip fault.  The zips kept catching – one day I had one customer stuck and we almost had to resort to taking it off over her head!  I took this up with Marble and they immediately requested that they collect them all for inspection.  Without question they repaired all of the zips and confirmed my suspicion that the sizing was incorrect.  Therefore, they have offered me a generous discount which I am happy to reflect in the price to you.  Originally they were retailing at £129 and I have now repriced them all to just £95!  This is really great value – come in and try one and see for yourself!
In the meantime, I’m sure you’ll all be thinking ahead to Christmas parties and what to wear whilst also keeping warm!  How about this festive v-neck Marble jumper in soft viscose? – perfect with trousers or a plain skirt.
On Friday I went to see Rod Stewart at the O2 – a bit unusual you might think, but I bet you know a lot of his songs.  It was such a great show – I’ve always wanted to go and see him before he stops touring, so I just went for it and dragged Ian and George along for the experience! However, the journey home was awful – both the A3 and M3 had closures and so we were diverted all around the houses, and arrived home at 1.30am.  It’s been a long time since I had such a late night!
Of course, when I booked the tickets, we had no idea it was going to clash with the football match England -v- USA.  We were all a bit disappointed to miss that match but did manage to catch some of it.  Rod announced the result so we knew we hadn’t missed any goals – not a great performance, but we are still top of the group. Looking forward to England -v- Wales on Tuesday night.
Look out for each other and be kind.  Sending you lots of love, good health and best wishes.
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Marble 6697 Super soft viscose rich V neck classic fit sweater with an all over scatter print