Whilst I was sorry to see Wales leave the World Cup, I am English, and thrilled that we won the group and made it through to the next stage.  Keeping my fingers crossed for the match tonight against Senegal.
Well it certainly turned fresher this week didn’t it?  Those of you who have popped in to the shop this week, found me hugging a hot water bottle!!  If you aren’t moving around too much it really feels cold – in fact, I think it’s warmer outside than it is inside!  Next time you come in, you might find that I’m wearing one of the Pachamama hats and hand warmers!!
We’ve been selling lots of socks this week and I have just placed another order which should be with us by 7th.  Still a few in stock for now – they are popular Christmas gifts.
It’s always nice to have a top in the wardrobe that you can rely on.  One which you can wear with smart trousers dressed up, which also works great with jeans as a casual outfit too.  I suggest this “Raelyn” Adini top is perfect – I like the high neckline for a change and the print is so striking.
It’s been a funny old week at home with the postal strikes.  Ian was home Wednesday and Thursday.  Trust me, he would rather be working, but he has to support his fellow workers and the union to make a stand together.  It is hitting us hard as they don’t get paid for the strike days, particularly at this time of year.
It’s a pity that workers have to resort to striking to make themselves heard and to feel appreciated.  Of course it is the end user that suffers and they probably think that the postmen are being greedy and just want a pay rise.  What they may not understand is that they didn’t get a pay rise last year, instead they had their hours reduced by 5 per week but kept their money the same, despite being one of the workforces who worked throughout Covid.  The working conditions are changing too – different start times, removing allowances, the threat of having to work Sundays, etc (although I think a new offer is now in place).
How can a company who made millions last year, paid dividends to their shareholders and paid bonuses to the managers, now claim to be losing a million pounds a day?!!  The figures just don’t add up.  I could go on and on… all I know is that moral within the workforce is very low.  The Royal Mail have said they need to lose 10,000 jobs and invited a show of hands for those willing to take Early Voluntary Redundancy.  Apparently they have been inundated – that speaks volumes!  So don’t be too hard on your posties – they are doing their best – the management could sort this out and avoid the need for strikes – they have also been told that no overtime is being authorised, they are to concentrate on parcels, so the backlog of mail is going to take some time to get back to normal service, with more strike days to come.  I really hope they resolve this situation soon for everyone’s sake.
I will now step down from my soapbox!
Look out for each other and be kind.  Sending you lots of love, good health and best wishes.
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