It’s really difficult for my husband to get the same holidays as the school holidays, and so he was off this week instead of half term which is next week!  However, I am so lucky with Lyn and Annie who are always so accommodating to cover my days for both weeks!  It’s not quite so bad as next week there is the Jubilee bank holidays so they are able to switch their days instead, and cover for me!
So this week we achieved so much at home!  On Monday Ian test drove a motorbike and I stayed home to catch up with some housework and a visit to the supermarket, wrapped George’s birthday presents and climbed into the loft to bring down more items for the shop!
Tuesday was George’s 16th birthday!  He opened his gifts before school and then we all went for a meal in the evening – he said he enjoyed his day, and as usual, he got everything he asked for!
George forced my hand into having a clearout of our shed on Sunday, so I booked a tip run for Tuesday and we also dropped some boxes to the charity shop.  Ian then golfed and I took the boxes from the loft over to the shop. Oh yes and before the rain came, I managed a bit of digging and planted some potatoes!  Busy, busy!  But it feels so good.
Our next challenge is to paint our garden shed and some pallets, and an old wheelbarrow which I have plans for!  So Wednesday morning we went to buy the paint and in the afternoon (after school) we all went to the cinema to watch the long awaited Top Gun “Maverick”.  It was as predictible as anticipated, but I still absolutely loved it!
Friday was officially George’s last day at school and it has become a bit of a tradition to finish with an egg and flour fight.  Oh my goodness what a mess but they all seemed to enjoy it – as Lyn said, what a waste of a good pancake mix!  They ended up in the sea to try and wash it all off – luckily it was a really hot day.
The rest of the week has simply been gardening and painting.  Ian changed the brake pads on my car and then we managed some time to kick back and sit in the garden to enjoy our hard work.  We treated ourselves to a fire pit as an anniversary gift, which will be 23 years on 12th June.
Nothing much to report from the shop this week – Lyn and Annie have switched the window and inside displays, and have done a fine job!  I’m planning to go across next week to dress the windows for the Jubilee.  I hope you all enjoy the celebrations – love or loathe the Royals, you cannot deny what a wonderful, dedicated Monarch our Queen has been.
This top has been popular since the hotter weather arrived – a cotton and linen mix available in pink, white, navy and olive.
Have a good week.  Look out for each other and be kind.
Sending you lots of love, good health and best wishes.
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