Yes – I was back to it on Tuesday, and what a day that was!  Oh my goodness the weather was vile.  Consequently, despite our sale announcement it was very, very quiet.  However, I used the time to take down the Christmas decorations, and re-dressed the windows.
Our sale is now in full swing, and I was delighted that with an improvement in the weather with some temporary sunshine in between showers, I had a really busy Wednesday.  Boots were definitely the sales of the day.  20% off is a good saving on our fabulous Caprice boots and some of you didn’t buy just one pair!!
Now I believe we face a cold snap – so here is an image of a cosy Marble jumper dress and Caprice lambskin boots to keep you warm, and yes they are both subject to 20% off but sizes are very limited – remember the online discount code is snow20 or of course come in and see us!
All this rain is terrible for business but how awful must it be for those poor people having to evacuate their homes?  And of course, this is not the first time for many of them.  It’s heartbreaking.  Speaking of which, I was so sad to learn of the passing of Derek Draper, poor Kate Garraway – she has been remarkable.  What a challenging few years that family have faced.  This is a blessing all round, no less heartbreaking for them all.
It is a reminder how precious life is, and how quickly things can change.  Cherish your loved ones, look out for each other and be kind.
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