That wind is icey!!

Although I am no longer isolating, I must admit that I haven’t really ventured out much this week.  Tuesday was my first day and I popped over to the shop and delivered some stock for click and collect – thankful that our snow didn’t amount to much!  Then George and I walked round to see his grandparents.  My cheeks were pink and my eyes were streaming by the time we arrived back home.

Lyn changed the windows with a splash of red for Valentine’s Day which look great – oh yes, and the leak mystery continues.  They have looked into our ceiling void to find that the floor above is concrete and the water is seeping in between the seam…. I’m awaiting an update.

I am continuing to try to grow the business using social media, and a friend invited me to join a new platform called Clubhouse – it is audio only chatrooms where you get to listen (and take part if you wish) to many different subjects.  My focus has been business related gaining tips and advice on marketing etc – it’s very supportive and you can make great connections.  However, it is very time consuming as there is always a chatroom of interest.  I listen along whilst doing other things, which is quite handy.

We also had a couple of visits to the Orthodonist.  I’m so proud of George – he has coped so well without complaining about his treatment, and on Thursday his brace was removed!  His teeth look fabulous and now he just has to wear retainers each night to maintain the good work.

I hope you are all snuggled up nice and warm, in your homes with your loved ones on Valentine’s Day.  Next week is half term for us – not that we will be going anywhere!  It’ll be a welcome break from schooling for George and some rest for my husband (I’m sure I’ll find him some jobs!).

The Covid numbers are much improved, less new cases, less in hospital, less deaths, more vaccinations and an R value between 0.7 – 0.9.  All heading in the right direction but this still means that, on average, every 10 people infected will infect between 7 and 9 other people, so the message remains the same, stay home.

The team at Karen George are still here for you – click and collect or delivery.

Our sale continues with 25% off everything online and in store at least until the new season stock arrives, so it may just be for another week or so.

Look out for each other and be kind

As always, sending you lots of love, good health and best wishes.