The weather wasn’t brilliant on Monday so I used the time to change the windows – grey and pink with a splash of navy. I managed to incorporate a couple of the new handbags too!

It was so nice that the weather improved and I was able to keep the door open. People are wandering around, particularly when the sun is shining and are more likely to pop in for a browse when the door is open – lots of visitors coming to beautiful Emsworth.

I’m always amazed at how many of you tell me that you have read my emails and enjoy reading them. One lovely lady commented that they were genuine and kind, and loved hearing all about what was happening at the shop and at home! I was really touched – I’m just speaking from the heart and happy to share. If it brings pleasure to just one person, then that’s good enough for me. Of course it keeps a connection between us which is important for business – it’s a reminder that we are here and when you are ready you’ll know where to come in person or online, our service is the same.

George is enjoying his freedom again! He’s made the most of the nice weather, whilst I’ve been at work, spending time at our local beach here at Hill Head, and another day at West Wittering – two quite different beaches – stone -v- sand. Despite being warned to apply sun lotion, he was caught out at West Wittering. It was breezy so he kept his sweatshirt on most of the time. Consequently, he didn’t put sun lotion on, and arrived home with a face like a tomato! (you can see my eye’s rolling can’t you?!!)

I’m off now for our second and last holiday week of the Summer. No firm plans – hopefully some days out. I am squeezing in a visit to Bournemouth on Thursday to see the Caprice collection for next summer – I’m sure Ian and George will play some golf or find something else to do!

I notice that Marble have started advertising their Autumn/Winter collection so that will be arriving soon! It’s so exciting – one of the colours we opted for, was paprika, as seen in this stunning jumper…. don’t worry – I’ll let you know once it is here and available.

So, once again, it’s over to Lyn and Annie – it’s become a bit of a joke that the Autumn/Winter deliveries start arriving when I’m away – I have a feeling that some Robell trousers may be en-route! Sorry ladies!

So until next week, sending you lots of love, good health and best wishes. Look out for each other and be kind.

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