We had a nice ride out to Chichester on Sunday afternoon, and took my in-laws to visit the Museum of the Moon displayed at the Cathedral.  A quick bite to eat and a wander around, then we headed home taking the scenic route – I just love the different colours of the leaves at this time of year, they look so pretty.
We dressed our windows in black, navy and red for Rememberance week which I thought looked lovely.  Another year passes, but we will always remember those poor, brave souls.
We have had a number of new items arrive this week.  A top up of the Pachamama range and a new addition of Puffins, some sofa socks AND some hot water bottles and covers.  They are fab!  Then we topped up on the Luella star jumpers but the stars are Lurex which is new for us.  Finally, we have more Christmas PJs!  Robins or stars this year, as well as some more every day socks, plain black or a mix of blue argyle pattern.
I met with a really old friend for tea and cake which was just so nice – we chatted away for hours catching up – the time flew!  Then on Saturday we met up with my bestie whose son is celebrating his 21st Birthday this week – again, how time flies, I remember cuddling him as a newborn, like it was yesterday.
I’m looking forward to getting to the shop on Monday to check out all of the new arrivals – hope to see you too!
Sending you lots of love, good health and best wishes.
Look out for each other and be kind.
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