At this time of year, I find that it is more important than ever to get myself organised.  Prompted this year by Emsworth Baptist Church, who have invited Karen George to take part in “Emsworth’s Living Advent Calendar” this Christmas.
We have to create an illuminated window display which must be illuminated each evening from 4pm to 10pm until Christmas Day.  Each participant is nominated a date to “reveal” their window.  We have been given 16th, however, our display will be done much earlier than 16th but I will make a couple of additions to reveal on 16th.  What a lovely idea for the children to discover around Emsworth – it’s such a magical time.
This then prompted me to book our staff Christmas meal. This year we are going to JJ’s in Emsworth which I am sure will have plenty of festive atmosphere.  It’s really nice for Lyn, Annie and I, to get together beause we rarely see each other all at the same time.
Planning ahead, writing lists and getting organised just takes the stress out of such a demanding time of year.  It is impossible to remember everything, so I am in the habit of jotting down notes, otherwise I’d be in total chaos.
We have a green themed window this week, inspired by COP26 – I was quite pleased how it all came together.  Thanks to a fresh delivery of hand painted silk scarves which happened to include some greens, they all linked together beautifully!
These scarves are not too big, each one is individual and they are beautifully painted by a local lady – she is happy to paint them to order with colours of your choice – priced at £39 they make excellent gifts, particularly useful if you have to post them as they are so lightweight.
Oooh yes, and I’ve had my covid booster this evening (Saturday) for which I am very grateful.  As we all know, it is still extremely active out there and the figures in Austria and The Netherlands are rising sharply.
So do take care, look out for each other and be kind.  Sending you lots of love, good health and best wishes.
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