Hip hip hip hooray! I am just loving this sunshine – I appreciate it is not for everyone and sometimes it is too hot, especially trying to sleep, but I’m sure you will agree that we all feel happier when the sun is shining.

It has certainly brought everyone out in Emsworth. We have had such a busy week and it’s been an absolute joy! You’ll remember that we went to the Festival of Speed on Sunday, and Annie worked for me on Monday, so this weeks windows are her work. Very pretty pinks and navy – such a great combination.

Lyn and I went to view the summer 2022 Mudd and Water collection which was enjoyable, but so difficult to choose which styles and colours to have! We also stumbled upon a brand called Pachamama who make beautiful headbands, hats and wrist warmers in fun patterns such as Highland Cows and Sheep. The temptation was too much so I placed a small order for the winter – if not for yourself they’ll make great Christmas gifts. Here’s a photo of me acting the fool wearing the sheep pattern.

We enjoyed our day at the Festival on Sunday, thankfully the weather was kind to us right until we were leaving to get back for the football. Ian met someone who he admires and follows on Instagram. He is a guy who customizes motorbikes so we had a family photo with him and Ian got to sit on one of the bikes.

Good news on my laptop – it was getting hot and the fan was cutting in and shutting it down. After testing, no faults were found, the temperature was within the thresholds, so they made a few adjustments to the shut down timer and it was returned unharmed and it seems to be working well again.

It was a disappointing result for England football team but they did so well to get to the Finals and we are proud of them for that. What a game for the neutral! It was a great tournament for us and the future looks bright for this young team – roll on the World Cup.

Well do enjoy the weather and remember your sun cream – have a great week, sending you lots of love, good health and best wishes. Look out for each other and be kind.

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