Monday was a really steady day and so I didn’t get a chance to change the windows until Tuesday, which was just as well because Wednesday was another busy day! It’s very pleasing as I have received lots of compliments on the window display – simple but striking – the yellow drawing people in.

I met a lovely lady who was staying in Hayling Island on a short break from Kent – she tried on so many things and treated herself to new trousers and a top as well as a birthday gift for a friend. Another lady loved the yellow top in the window and left with one in yellow and one in navy.

Two separate customers found shoes for a wedding outfit and another purchased a pretty top and shrug to wear to a wedding this Saturday! It’s lovely to hear that more postponed weddings and events are now taking place.

Great progress has been made with the bedroom redecoration – walls, ceiling, skirting and window ledge done – just the door to go but that will have to wait until after the weekend now as today we are off to the Goodwood Festival of Speed! Whoop whoop! Last time we met and had a photograph with Carl Fogarty so I wonder who we might see this time?

I have been having issues with my laptop – it keeps overheating which is apparently a known fault (I thought I had just been over working it) so it has been taken away to either be fixed or, as I suspect, replaced. It feels so strange without it – you realise how much you rely on it when it’s gone! Once again, that reminds me of my mum “you’ll miss me when I’m gone!” She was right of course!

I have had to prepare this email early due to the fact that my laptop is being collected tonight so I hope this finds you as England finalists – I will be at the Festival of Speed today but home in good time to see the final. I’m looking forward to a good semi final tonight against Denmark and keeping everything crossed, otherwise next weeks email will not be so easy to write!

Have a great week, sending you lots of love, good health and best wishes. Look out for each other and be kind.

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