I’m really not comfortable with all of this negative news – I always try to find the positive or the funny side of any situation, and so I certainly don’t enjoy being in this unsettled position.
Since my announcement last week, I have received so many emails and messages of support.  It’s been very touching.  Disappointed faces coming in to the shop – all exclaiming how “we can’t lose you”, “we love this shop”, “you can’t go” – trust me, we don’t want to go either!  This is why I am taking this action to try and avoid closure.  The brutal reality is that if I cannot pay the bills due to lack of income, the figures simply don’t add up and it is a case of jumping before I’m pushed.
The response has been overwhelming and I am so pleased, but, as ever, there is a BUT – unless this continues for a consistent spell, we will still find ourselves in a very vulnerable position.  So once again I urge you, don’t go to the big multiples or shop online, try us first, you might be pleasantly surprised – and of course you are guaranteed an excellent personal service.  You might just help one of the few independent boutiques in the area to survive as well as finding yourself a bargain!
Our new stock has been arriving and it is absolutely gorgeous – it is already selling alongside the bargains.  And my goodness they are bargains – Robell trousers at half price?  That is pretty unheard of.
I have done everything I can think of – emails, instagram, facebook and I have also contacted The News, who have interviewed me and are coming to take a photograph and a video interview tomorrow!  When the reporter asked me if I was prepared to go on camera, I said “I’ll do whatever it takes, if it saves my business!”
The New Arrivals page on the website is starting to fill up, so do keep your eye on it and you’ll see what I mean about how gorgeous it all is.  The image in the photograph also comes in watermelon.
So, fingers crossed for another good week – take care of each other and be kind.
Our website is available for online orders, click and collect and delivery.Marble 7460 striped sweater