I’m off to London again today to another exhibition – thankfully this is the last one!
I’m hoping to place an order with a new brand which I’ll tell you all about once it’s done.  Still keeping my eyes open for anything else new and inspiring.
It’s been a very quiet week at the shop this week which I do not enjoy!  Come on everyone, where are you all?  It has been quite eventful though with deliveries which we are busy sorting through. I am hoping to have this on the shop floor this week.  Also, poor Annie had problems on Thursday with our power – it transpired that our steamer is on the blink and kept shorting out all of our power.  I must give a shout out to the fabulous electrician who was able to help out by looking at some photos which Annie sent to him and resolving the issue over the telephone!  How brilliant – he was so helpful with no charge – he said to just remember him if we needed anything in the future – his name is Paul Street, so if anyone ever needs an electrician, he comes hightly recommended. (Lyn has used him in the past too).
This dress was in our delivery and will be available just as soon as I can upload it online and from the shop next week so those keen to secure their sizes should pop by or keep watching the website.  We haven’t had all of our stock but this was in the first drop and I love it – the colours are so pretty and summery.
I’ve added quite a few new addresses onto this weekly email so hello to you all – I don’t have much to report this week but hopefully once the new season gets into full swing I’ll have plenty more to say!
We still have sale items to clear so have a browse, but as soon as we are full with new arrivals, the sale items will be removed from the shop but still available online of course.
Have a good week – look out for each other and be kind.  Sending you lots of love, good health and best wishes.
Our website is available for online orders, click and collect and delivery.