Oops! At the end of last week, our trouser rail collapsed under the strain!! I’m just thankful that there wasn’t anyone near it at the time – to be honest, it was rather overloaded. So, we have now taken the opportunity to not only repair the existing rail, but we’ve added an additional rail, separating the dresses and trousers.

I dragged my poor husband over on his day off, and in between customers, we managed to fill holes, rub down and repaint that section of the wall before installing the new rails. It was a busy day with customers too so what he thought would only take a few hours, ended in a whole day! He actually admitted that he enjoyed it and happily joined in the banter with my ladies.

It’s so lovely to spread out the stock, making it easier to access and see.

The weather was gorgeous at the beginning of the week and so we continued to be busy, but what a miserable day Friday was! Typically, that was the day our son George, set off on his Duke of Edinburgh Expedition for the weekend! They have gone to Queen Elizabeth Country Park so thank heavens they were well equipped with waterproofs – it’ll be an experience, that’s for sure! Having said that, I think I would have been more worried if they were out there in the really hot weather we had the previous week.

It feels very strange in the house when he is away – and we have no contact! I’m looking forward to hearing all about it when we collect him later today.

Another week of football, tennis and golf on the TV in our house – rather underwhelmed by England’s performance against Scotland on Friday but we must give Scotland credit for playing well too. Oh yes, and did you see the final of The Great British Sewing Bee? I love that program – not that I have a clue about sewing but it does make you appreciate how garments are made. I was pleased with the winner, she was consistent throughout and in my opinion, deserved the win.

Hopefully the weather will brighten up again next week. The Covid numbers are starting to rise slightly, so stay safe, sending you lots of love, good health and best wishes. Look out for each other and be kind.

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