Last week was a strange one – I worked different days, the shop needed fixing and George was away at the weekend! This week, normal life resumed. I worked my usual hours Monday – Wednesday. Monday was a wet day if I recall and therefore quiet, so I changed the window display.

On Tuesday I completely redressed the inside of the shop – we now only have one wall with which to display the footwear so it looks a little cluttered but so colourful and interesting! All of our rails are set out in colour blocks, with a separate rail for dresses and one for trousers – it is looking great.

We have one rail in the middle which is a last chance to buy sale rail, where you can grab a half price bargain if your size is there!

We collected George from his Duke of Edinburgh Expedition on Sunday, and whilst he was exhausted, he thoroughly enjoyed his time away. They did a lot of walking and got absolutely drenched, he said it was cold and he barely slept due to the rain and the noisy nearby road. However, I was pleased when he said he would do it all again. It sounds as though they had a lot of fun too.

It was good to have him home and I cooked his favourite sausage pasta dish followed by an apple and pear crumble – I am a big softie – we missed him, more than he missed us it seems! The first thing he did was have a nice warm shower – I know he is 15 but that first cuddle once we were home, was just the best!

More European football to watch – fingers crossed for Tuesday. Let’s hope England put on a better display and that we don’t go to penalties!

Had a fabulous day in the garden yesterday. George and I went round to his grandparents and painted their new garden shed and then George mowed the lawn – then we came home and I mowed our lawn. Then Ian and I cut the front hedge – what a busy bee! Made the most of the good weather. George went off out with his pals and ended up having a dip in the sea but they said it was freezing so they only stayed in for 5 minutes.

Have a good week, sending you lots of love, good health and best wishes. Look out for each other and be kind.

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