The shop is so colourful!  You are loving the new arrivals – it’s pleasing to hear that so many of you have plans for holidays, events and weddings which have been postponed due to Covid, and are finally coming to fruition.
On Tuesday Lyn and I travelled to Bournemouth to order our Robell winter trousers!  You’ll be pleased to hear that where possible, i.e. jeans and cords I have ordered two leg lengths 78cm/31inch and 73cm/29inch.  We were also tempted by some shirts, slip overs and waterproof coats, so it’ll be exciting when they arrive… but let’s focus on our summer for now.
A new window display has certainly done it’s job this week – well, I like to think so, but to be honest the colours are so gorgeous that they sell themselves!  Some of the jumpers have been so popular that I have already sold out of some sizes.
On Thursday morning, poor Lyn took a tumble and I’m afraid she broke her hip.  She has had a full right hip replacement and is currently in St Richard’s recovering from surgery.  She’s doing really well and I believe they hope to have her home next week.   It’s great having mobile phones because we are in regular contact and whilst it keeps us informed of progress, it gives Lyn some company too whilst sitting in hospital.  We are all sending our love and best wishes to you Lyn!
And I must say a huge thank you to Annie who has volunteered to help out as much as possible at the shop – I didn’t even have to ask.  I am so lucky and thankful to have a great team – we pull together when it matters.
I finally have images of the new FOIL dresses – here is one, it has a balloon shaped skirt and pockets – something a bit different and super comfortable!
Have a good week, take care, look out for each other and be kind.
Sending you lots of love, good health and best wishes.
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FOIL Crafty Number Dress
FOIL Crafty Number Dress