I was only in the shop on Monday and Tuesday this week as I attended a funeral on Wednesday.  Another of my elderly uncles passed away – poor soul.   He was such a kind and gentle man.  Just a couple of weeks away from his 95th birthday, now reunited with his wife of almost 70 years. They shared a long and happy life together.
It’s been a quieter week at the shop so I have been able to add all of the new Pachamama range onto the website – I just love this new design, Sierra Nevada – a mohair wool blend with a sherpa fleece lining to keep us cosy in the coming months.  Available in pink or grey.
We also took delivery of another knee length, flat, black, Caprice stretch boot which fits really nicely on the calf – we already have these in dark brown.  Long boots are great with dresses or trousers, and create the illusion of longer legs.  We have a few different styles in stock as well as a vast range of ankle boots – check out the website for some inspiration.
Yesterday, 1st October, saw almost all energy costs rise by 27%.  We will all be feeling the pinch with the increase in the cost of living and interest rate.  We’ll all be trying to make savings where we can to minimise our hike in bills.
Maybe ask yourself, did I really need to switch that light on or was it just habit? Does the heating really need to be on so late or up so high? Could I just put on a warm pair of socks or huddle into a hot water bottle rather than put the fire on?  There are many ideas to keep our costs down which will also be good for our planet.  I’m definitely going to start using my slow cooker a lot more this winter.
 Small businesses will also suffer as we all find ourselves with less disposable income to spend.  All I would say, is to make considered purchases – you may pay a little more, but quality goods will last longer.  Support your local independents so that we survive yet another challenging time and we will all come out the other side together.
On a much lighter note…. Our son George doesn’t really like me talking about him, but how can a proud parent contain themselves?  This week he started his work experience at a garage and they were so impressed with his attitude that they offered him an apprenticeship on his first day!!  It’s fantastic news – he will now get the opportunity to earn as he learns and get hands on experience. He will still attend college once a week for the theory work to obtain his qualification.  We are really excited for him.  He comes home after a full day, absolutely shattered and can barely keep his eyes open!
Keep smiling, have a good week.  Look out for each other and be kind.
Sending you lots of love, good health and best wishes.
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