It’s been a week of boxes arriving and total panic for me as to where am I going to put it all?!!  So I’ve had to refill the boxes with the heavier winter footwear to take away, to make space in the cupboards for new arrivals!
The first arrival was some very bright pink cropped trousers from Robell – which I think are going to be popular.  Swiftly followed by three large boxes from Mudd and Water with some very pretty pieces – and finally a box of sandals from Caprice.
One of my customers left very pleased with a pair of the new pink trousers together with one of the new navy sleeveless tops and the two together looked absolutely fabulous – oh yes, and a pair of Lena in the beautiful light blue which also looked great with the top – all set for her holiday to Greece.
I have dressed the window with all of the new arrivals from Mudd and Water – sleeveless tops, pretty blouses, dresses, skirts, smock tops and t-shirts.  All coming in a variety of colours, aster, olive, navy and white.
We are already selling sandals, so with this spell of warm weather, I hope the rest of the new ones arrive soon!  In fact, another delivery is due on Tuesday.
Lyn is continuing to do well – she likes to know what is happening at the shop, so Annie and I are in daily contact sending her images of all the new arrivals!
Every year, you can bet that I am always asked for something I don’t have – one thing was black sandals – so this year I have fulfilled the brief.  Here is a photo of the new sandals which are also due in white.
I’m anticipating a busy week ahead with this gorgeous weather, so I look forward to seeing you all. I will continue to try and add new stock onto our website as soon as I can.
Look out for each other and be kind.
Sending you lots of love, good health and best wishes.
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