Yay! 12 cartons of Caprice footwear finally arrived on Wednesday, having been dispatched weeks ago! I had to have them delivered to my home because the shop is closed, so you might imagine it was chaotic here for a while, with boxes blocking the hallway and in my office!

You’ll be pleased to know that they are all loaded onto the website for you to browse through at your leisure. Sizes are limited, so if you are keen, do order early so as not to be disappointed – this is not a sales pitch, it is just that with Caprice, they only sell to me in cartons containing a range of limited sizes, so sometimes there is only one or two pairs of a size, and as my mum used to say to me about my sweets, “when they’re gone, they’re gone!”. You see, they are made to order six months in advance, so there is no opportunity for repeat stock, unless, on a rare occasion, another stockist failed to honour their order, and then this stock becomes available for other stockists to buy.

Caprice is a German brand with the motto “Like Walking on Air” and they are my best selling footwear by far. Winners of The Footwear Industry Awards 2020, Caprice are constantly working on new technology to provide comfortable, fashionable footwear. This year they have introduced “Blue Oxygen” technology, which together with a removable footbed, provides constant air circulation and allows the moisture to escape through the sole.

This technology has been used on the white and navy loafers number 24250 if you want to search for them on the website – see image below.

I am excited to get all these boxes across to the shop and refresh the window and displays with new additions, they are really going to compliment the new season clothing.

I’ve been assured that the leak is now fixed – they have installed a new shower screen so I am keeping my fingers crossed that this was the problem. I think I’ll hold off renewing the ceiling tiles for a little while longer.

By the time you read this email, my husband will have had his first Covid vaccination, thank heavens – he has worked throughout the pandemic and it is comforting to know he will have some level of protection, particularly as restrictions will soon be lifted.

George has a good system using the Covid lateral flow test, testing himself on a Sunday and Wednesday evening. It is a simple process and then we submit the result online. We receive a confirmation email almost immediately, to say he is negative and to continue following the guidelines.

Today is Census day so remember to complete your survey! I’ve already completed and submitted ours online – it is very easy and doesn’t take too long (depending on how many people live in your household!).

Until next week, remember to remain safe and keep up the good work following the guidelines. Look out for each other and be kind.

As always, sending you lots of love, good health and best wishes.

The team at Karen George are still here for you – click and collect or delivery.

9-24250-26 Caprice classic leather loafer with tassel decoration