It is always a strange week when it begins with a Bank Holiday – you lose track of what the day is, and for me, it meant only working two days!

I had lots to do, finding a home for the new arrivals and updating the window, only to then receive another delivery!  It was footwear from Caprice which is easier to store – this transitional period between seasons is always tricky.  We still have lots of Summer sale stock to sell, but of course we are also keen to display all the new season arrivals too.  It is a constant headache finding storage space but somehow we seem to manage – until the next delivery arrives and then it’s another re-shuffle!  It’s a good job Lyn and Annie are patient!

The weather is so changeable at the moment and I’ve definitely noticed a change in temperature which helps when deciding when to bring out the heavier winter clothing and footwear.

I’m very excited because next week The News are coming along to take some photographs and run a feature on us – so watch this space – I’ll keep you posted on that publication.

In the meantime, here’s another of my favourites from the new season arrivals available online and in store.