Hello – and a warm welcome to all our new subscribers!

I’d like to start with a huge thank you, to all those who left glowing reviews on our Google page. I’m so grateful, it really makes a difference, and I must say how proud I feel at reading such lovely words. I am blessed to have a great team in Lyn and Annie and I know they feel the same way too. We enjoy the relationship with our customers, and it’s so rewarding to hear your feedback. It is very encouraging and gives us even more drive to succeed and come through this challenging time together.

This week didn’t start too well – my husband was getting ready for work Monday morning and realised that we had no hot water or heating! It couldn’t have picked a colder week – uuurrrgghhhh! Fortunately, we have a gas fire and a log burner, so we managed to keep warm, but it was the lack of hot water we struggled with the most – having to strip wash was no fun and as for washing my hair in the sink!!!……

Our engineer couldn’t install a new boiler until Saturday, so it’s been a long week, getting up early to get the fires going for George coming in from his paper round. Thank heavens for hot water bottles and onesies – the bedding felt wet it was so cold. My goodness how spoiled are we? We rely so much on such things and we don’t appreciate our luxuries until they are gone.

We have much to be grateful for – not just the bigger items in life. This week, I was mostly grateful for my hot water bottle!

Remember to be grateful for one another – look after each other.

Stay safe and stay home.

The team at Karen George are still here for you – click and collect or delivery.

As always, sending you lots of love and WARM wishes.