Yes, at last the day has arrived! One more sleep, and tomorrow morning at 10am we re-open our door to welcome you back. No need to camp outside, we’ll be there until 5pm ha ha!

It’ll be great to re-connect with our regulars and of course meeting new.

We have worked really hard to thoroughly clean and re-present our footwear and clothing. Everything is fresh and sparkling – I even had my husband cleaning the outside windows whilst I did inside, he fixed a rail and replaced the two stained ceiling tiles, so I just hope the leak is definitely sorted!

As usual, we have some beautiful pieces in a range of colours and a great selection of footwear. We’ve topped up with some new scarves which are lovely for yourself but also make ideal gifts.

We will continue to adopt the one in, one out system, unless you are together in your bubble – please be patient, we are worth waiting for!

Our fitting room will be open. We have antibacterial hand sanitiser, masks and a protective screen at the till point, ensuring safety our priority.

Thank you for supporting Karen George throughout this pandemic – we are so proud to be re-opening tomorrow and to have managed to keep our head above water. Together with Government support grants etc and online sales, click and collect orders from you, we are still in business! We have done this together, and myself, Lyn and Annie will continue to provide you with the excellent service and beautiful products that you deserve!

Shopping locally and supporting the independent businesses is critical to our recovery and we value you all very much – thank you.

As always, sending you lots of love, good health and best wishes.

Look out for each other and be kind.

Our website for online orders, click and collect and delivery will continue once the shop has reopened.